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27 May 2022

Sheetmetal Fabrication

Metal forming is a centuries-old tradition that plays a vital role in building custom hot rods. For some projects, cookie-cutter replacement panels are just too ordinary. For other projects, off-the-shelf replacement panels simply aren’t available. Long before English wheels, bead rollers and metal brakes were invented, early man learned to shape metal using the primitive tools at their disposal. While modern tools have made sheetmetal fabrication faster and easier, incorporating the same time-honored techniques as our ancestors can sometimes yield superior results. That’s why we’re just as likely to use tree stumps and and profile gauges as we are to use a Pullmax and a Bridgeport.

At Dooley and Sons, we’re not concerned with building cars in high volume. Our goal is custom fabricating panels that not only enhance the factory body lines, but also withstand the test of time. This often requires building panels from a single piece of metal instead of sectioning smaller pieces together, thereby eliminating unnecessary welds, planishing work, and body filler. The result is metal work that’s both visually striking and resistant to wear and tear.