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27 May 2022

Custom Exhaust

Custom hot rods demand custom exhaust systems. With the endless variety of motor mounts, transmissions, steering shafts, oil pans, crossmembers, and inner-fenders that can be mixed and matched, it's nearly impossible to build an off-the-shelf header that won't require at least some finagling to wrestle in place. Beating the floorpans or dimpling the header tubes in a custom hot rod is out of the question. Custom headers are a much better, and prettier, solution.

Dooley and Sons’ custom headers are built from premium T-304 stainless steel tubing and thick 3/8-inch laser-cut flanges. To reduce maintenance, eliminate leaks and improve ground clearance, our custom headers utilize V-band clamps and flex joints. TIG-welding while running a steady stream of gas flowing through the pipes creates exceptionally clean welds with very smooth consistency. This also reduces clag buildup, and ensures that the inside of the tubing is just as clean as the outside.

This same attention to detail applies to the rest of our custom exhaust systems as well. Intermediate pipes, X-pipes, over-axles pipes, and tailpipes are crafted utilizing the same meticulous approach. The result is outstanding fitment and packaging in addition to stunningly good looks.