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27 May 2022

One-Off Interiors

In an era of high-volume production and automated manufacturing, custom upholstery work is quickly becoming a lost art. It's hardly surprising that custom automotive interior shops are very difficult to find these days. Since Dooley and Sons started out as a custom upholstery shop in 1961, we have over 50 years of experience crafting show-quality custom interiors. Each of our interiors is 100 percent handmade, and we typically invest 400-500 hours of labor on each interior project. We utilize premium-grade seat foam material and leather hides custom tailored to the size and weight of each customer. For strength and durability, custom consoles, door panels, and speaker boxes are built from ABS plastic, not cardboard. Aluminum accents, custom instrument panels, and leather-wrapped roll cages are just some of the custom touches that make a Dooley and Sons one-off interior stand out from the pack.

Having an in-house upholstery department is essential to building hot rods in which all of a car's components are harmoniously integrated. Modifications to the firewall, transmission tunnel design, pedal placement, and roll cage design are among a multitude of factors that impact interior layout. Throughout the entire build process of a car, constant dialogue between Dooley and Sons' various departments ensures that the design and functionality of the interior is not compromised in any way. The end result is a comfortable, functional, and visually stunning interior that will last well into the future.