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27 May 2022

Powertrain Design

Carburetors and three-speed transmissions are yesterday's news. Modern technology lets today's enthusiasts enjoy the performance, reliability, comfort, streetability, and fuel efficiency of a late-model vehicle in an old-school hot rod. Whether you're building a street cruiser or a road racer, Dooley and Sons can design a complete powertrain package based on the needs of each application by factoring in vehicle weight, target horsepower, aesthetics, intended use, and gearing. Matching late-model EFI enginessuch as the GM LS, Chrysler Gen III Hemi, and Ford Mod motor small-blockswith overdrive transmissions like the Tremec T56, is the new standard for modernized hot rods. Dooley and Sons has partnered with the top engine builders in the country to help transplant cutting-edge technology into your classic hot rod.

Merely swapping in a late-model engine is just the beginning. Since high-end hot rods demand a visually stunning engine compartment, factory plastic intake manifolds and stock throttle-bodies just won't cut it. We utilize everything from eight-stack induction systems to 2x4 intake manifolds to custom valve covers to tasteful powdercoating to ensure that a late-model engine looks just as good as it runs. Likewise, we exert painstaking effort to keep unsightly factory coil packs, wiring harnesses, and hoses tucked away from discriminating eyes.